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Your Wedding

Makeup & Hair Trial
A trial is done either on location, or the salon. You meet your artist and create a look that really parallels your vision for your wedding. A trial is rooted in the word “try”. It is a place and time for you to explore what works and doesn’t work for you. At the end of the trial you will have the absolutely perfect look for your day! We create a face chart which says exactly what we did- it’s like MapQuest for the face and hair. And don’t worry- the face chart isn’t whittled out of granite, if you want to change a color it’s a pen mark away.

The Big Day
We recreate the look that was done at the trial! If you want to change anything just let us know!

On Location
We take our face charts and hit the road! So many brides love waking up and having their makeup artist and hair stylist all set up in the dining room and like the doozers from Fraggle Rock we have a mini magical salon built out thin air within seconds.

Hair Pricing:
To be determined upon consultation.
Makeup Pricing:
To be determined upon consultation.

Why should I treat myself to airbrush makeup?
The airbrush machine came in the world in the late 1800’s. They lightly incorporated it into the makeup industry by airbrushing foundation onto extra’s in movies- they found that they could do a whole bunch of extra’s in a shorter period of time. This trend was short lived and metaphorically was tossed in the attic for roughly 100 years. It came back into fashion in the 80’s. They tried it out but still never perfected it. Now as many of you know it is “all the rave” among celebrities and brides and why might you ask? It feels like nothing is on your face- its super light. Even more fabulous is its ability to make skin look flawless- you could zoom in with the most professional cameras and it simply looks like beautiful, clean, fresh and flawless skin!

Let me guess what you may be thinking right now…. your thinking THICK THICK THICK- and you are only aiding to the many stereotypes and stigmas that infiltrate the un-airbrushed beings across the land. Believe it or not- when you airbrush you are using about one third of the amount of foundation you would use in a traditional foundation application because you are covering a larger surface area with a significantly smaller portion of product! When airbrushed properly you feel like absolutely NOTHING is on your face!

And when you thought it couldn’t get ANY better- there is one more thing. LONGEVITY! Both the atomization process in addition to the dilution process of thinning out a foundation with silicone (silicone fills in fine lines, wrinkles, and pockmarks and blocks sebaceous glands in a totally non communegenic and acnegenic way) you are pretty much making sure you are looking fab from “I do” to “ Last Dance”.


Special Occasions

Work! What is the point of having a fabulous dress if you don’t have makeup and lashes to match! Come by and see us at Spencer & Co or we can come to your location… just let us be that perfect touch before your night out on the town!

To be determined upon consultation.

To be determined upon consultation.

Other Services

Upon request, depending on size and detail of the tattoo

Contouring & Highlighting
We can diminish and enhance the low and high points of the face. We can fundamentally sculpt the shadows of the face ultimately- distorting the perception of shadow and light so that your face, structurally, is exactly what you want.

Tattoo Coverage
This is not merely slapping a bit of concealer on a tattoo- this is a magic act. The tattoo is color corrected and literally transfer resistant.

Tattoo Enhancement
This is a service ONLY for the daring!!! Love your tattoo? How about encrusting it in Swarovski crystals and a combination of paints to make it literally a piece of artwork on your body!